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Sonic's Birthday Vacation
It was a nice and sunny afternoon in Mobius, and on this picture perfect day, Sonic was taking one of his daily runs around the neighbor hood and across Station Square, as he runs, he knows that his birthday is coming real soon, and he always wonders what that day will bring, usually his little brother Tails would give him the best gifts, as he does care so much for his big brother and his best friend, "I cannot wait for my birthday, I know Tails has something planned, he always gives a great gift to me every year", Sonic thought as he ran, "I bet I'll be in for a surprise this year", Sonic thought as he had arrived at Station Square, "Hmm, you know, a quick bite wouldn't hurt", Sonic thought as he headed to one of the hot dog stands to get him a chilidog or two.
Later that evening, Sonic was back in his home as we watched some TV while sitting on the couch and relaxed with arms behind his head, as he watched TV and relaxed, his cat Star was napping on Sonic's lap and purred happily as
:iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 2 16
Last pic of my dad by SonicAndTailsfan64 Last pic of my dad :iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 6 25 Mom and Dad again by SonicAndTailsfan64 Mom and Dad again :iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 5 0 Mom and Dad by SonicAndTailsfan64 Mom and Dad :iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 8 11 My little Fur Babies by SonicAndTailsfan64 My little Fur Babies :iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 15 12
Krypto, The Retired Superdog Ch. 11
It was a nice, sunny day in the small town outside of Metropolis, and on this day in the house of the retired superhero, Krypto was in the garage and was doing his new hobby that he found recently, which is wood carving, he whistled a tune as he carved something out of wood, this wasn't his first wood carving though, he carved a few carvings, once was a kitten, a puppy and an angel, all done amazingly well, and here he's carving two dolphins in one carving, he worked hard to get it done perfectly, even made him sweat a bit, then after a few minutes, he did manage to get it done perfectly as he put's it down on his workdesk, "Ah, perfect", Krypto said as he wiped the sweat off his head as he sighed happily, "This has got to be one of my greatest works I've ever done", Krypto said as he looked at his wood carving, after a bit, he exited the garage and into the living room as his kitten Snowball came to him and meowed happily, "Hey little guy", Krypto said as he picked up his kitten and h
:iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 2 0
Snoopy and Brian Ch. 17
It was a rainy afternoon in the home of the two dogs lived, and on this rainy day, Snoopy was sitting on the couch and was watching TV as he felt quite relaxed while Brian was upstairs, taking himself a relaxing bath, after a bit, Brian came in as he was dressed in his red pajamas inside his red robe, red nightcap and slippers on his feet as he decided to stay in his pj's, "Hey pal, watching TV huh?", Brian said as Snoopy nodded and smiled as Brian smiled too as he looked outside at the rain, "Sure is pouring out there, but a nice day at home is good enough for me", Brian said as Snoopy nodded as Brian smiled as he headed to his armchair, "Besides, a little relaxation wouldn't hurt anyone", Brian said while sitting down on his armchair as Snoopy nodded and smiled, they then watched TV together as Brian kicked off his slippers gently as he sighed happily as he felt warm and comfy as they watched a Disney movie marathon as they first saw Snow White, then an hour later, as they was watchi
:iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 3 2
Snoopy and Brian Ch. 16
It was a bright and sunny early morning in the home of our two doggie friends, and on this morning, the paperboy threw the newspaper near the front door as it had opened as Brian, dressed in his red pajamas, nightcap and slippers on his feet, came outside to get the newspaper as he held a fresh cup of hot coffee as he took a deep breath and sighed happy afterward, "Ah, what a beautiful morning", Brian said to himself as he looked around, "The sun is shining, the birds are singing, not a cloud in the sky, just a picture perfect day", Brian said as he headed back inside, once there, Brian hummed a happy tune as he headed to his armchair as he then sat down and read the newspaper as he finished humming the tune as he began drinking his coffee, as he done so, Snoopy came downstairs as he had is pink nightcap on as he let out a yawn as he still looked a bit sleepy while Brian turned and saw him, "Morning sleepyhead", Brian said as Snoopy smiled as he let out a small cough, that caugh Brian'
:iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 2 4
Snoopy and Brian Ch. 15
It was a nice, warm and sunny day in the neighborhood where two dogs lived, and on this wonderful day, Brian and Snoopy was both in the backyard, both in beach chairs as they're relaxing on this sunny day with their arms behind their heads, "Ah, this is nice isn't it Snoopy?", Brian asked as Snoopy nodded, "With today feeling nice like this, I wouldn't miss it for anything", Brian continued as he and Snoopy sighed happily as their toes wiggled, "By the way, what did we get in the mail today?", Brian asked as Snoopy grabbed the mail and handed it to them, some was junk mail and one was a bill, and the other was coupons to a new spa that had just opened up, which had just 2 coupons for a full spa service, which gave Brian an idea, "Say Snoopy, I got an idea", Brian said as he looked at Brian, "I heard about this new spa place being opened up downtown, I was wondering if you'd like to go to the spa with me today", Brian said as Snoopy happily nodded as Brian smiled, "Then it's settled, bu
:iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 4 2
Super GT In the Street's of Tokyo by SonicAndTailsfan64 Super GT In the Street's of Tokyo :iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 10 3 Denso Lexus by SonicAndTailsfan64 Denso Lexus :iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 6 0 2017 Raybrig NSX by SonicAndTailsfan64 2017 Raybrig NSX :iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 8 2 Zexel's Return in Super GT by SonicAndTailsfan64 Zexel's Return in Super GT :iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 8 0 Return of Madonna by SonicAndTailsfan64 Return of Madonna :iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 3 0 Serga Returns by SonicAndTailsfan64 Serga Returns :iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 3 0 Mustang Offroading by SonicAndTailsfan64 Mustang Offroading :iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 3 2
All my art is in their own folder, so it can be well organized


27th by AzureDreamrealm 27th :iconazuredreamrealm:AzureDreamrealm 3 0 Rocky and Bullwinkle by matiriani28 Rocky and Bullwinkle :iconmatiriani28:matiriani28 10 6 Keep On Soarin', Rocky by UncleScooter Keep On Soarin', Rocky :iconunclescooter:UncleScooter 46 13 Rocky and Bullwinkle CS COLORED by CerberusTheTerrible Rocky and Bullwinkle CS COLORED :iconcerberustheterrible:CerberusTheTerrible 18 0 Rocky and bullwinkle by jrosenbomb Rocky and bullwinkle :iconjrosenbomb:jrosenbomb 7 0 Rocky and Bullwinkle Redraw by MiserysTeaParty Rocky and Bullwinkle Redraw :iconmiserysteaparty:MiserysTeaParty 32 2 Rocky and Bullwinkle Hat TrIck by Forceuser77 Rocky and Bullwinkle Hat TrIck :iconforceuser77:Forceuser77 2 1 Rocky in Makatoon Style by Makatoons Rocky in Makatoon Style :iconmakatoons:Makatoons 20 7 The Lilo Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle by Marylemon42 The Lilo Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle :iconmarylemon42:Marylemon42 7 1 Rocky and Bullwinkle in Dargay style by Csodaaut Rocky and Bullwinkle in Dargay style :iconcsodaaut:Csodaaut 16 5 Rocky and Bullwinkle Universe by mixelfangirl100 Rocky and Bullwinkle Universe :iconmixelfangirl100:mixelfangirl100 18 0 Rocky and Bullwinkle by TheJollyBin Rocky and Bullwinkle :iconthejollybin:TheJollyBin 1 0 Rocky without Reference by TheSkaldofNvrwinter Rocky without Reference :icontheskaldofnvrwinter:TheSkaldofNvrwinter 4 0 Rocky with Reference by TheSkaldofNvrwinter Rocky with Reference :icontheskaldofnvrwinter:TheSkaldofNvrwinter 4 0 Rocky the Flying Squirrel #3 by TheSkaldofNvrwinter Rocky the Flying Squirrel #3 :icontheskaldofnvrwinter:TheSkaldofNvrwinter 4 0 Rocky and Bullwinkle's Moon Trip #1 by TheSkaldofNvrwinter Rocky and Bullwinkle's Moon Trip #1 :icontheskaldofnvrwinter:TheSkaldofNvrwinter 9 0
All my fav's are all in their own folders so it can be well organized





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Why hello there, I am a racing fan, i also like Snoopy, Brian Griffin, Yoshi, Tails, Sonic, and Game Shows, and i am a HUGE Mortal Kombat nerd

I live in Tennessee, My Birthday is in March 22, 1992, I have Autism, and i'm pretty much a big time picky eater.

I am a huge Sonic and Tails fan, as well as Snoopy, Brian Griffin, Yoshi, Gromit, Krypto, Scooby Doo, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Total Drama Island, Jeff Gordon, etc. fan, and a hater of Stewie, Jimmie Johnson, Glenn Quagmire, Sonic.exe, Creepypasta's, trolls, spammers, and jerks.

I graduated High School in 2010, and did not attend college, but hey, it's the people's choice to go to college or not.

I respect everyone on here if they treat me fair and not act like a jerk, but everyone's welcome here, just remember to be fair and not be a jerk.

And please don't tag me in anything unless it's a request, commission, collab and/or thank you post, not for anything else.

Fair Warning: Anyone who comes here and talks crap to me or threatens me, you will be blocked, no mercy will be shown and no quarter given!

Also, please NO chain letter comments, if you do, it will be removed or be considered spam

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i dont ask for much, the only thing i like is to

I love the brotherhood of Sonic and Tails, it is s

f**k you creepypastas, f**k you sonic.exe you fake

Believe In Yourself, Tails would want you to

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Stay strong, Knuckles would want you to.

Never give up on anything, Jeff Gordon, Me and God

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This is it, the final episode of this season, we'll review this episode, give a rating and then i'll show the overall season review of this season of FG, so for now, let the final review of the season take place, this season finale episode gets a.....................................1/10

Man this is just like Road To starts off with Peter spending the weekend on the couch, which makes Lois very upset, then as the guys try to bring him outside, he somehow becomes fused with the couch, avoiding operation, he decides to live with it, which makes Lois even more angry as she and the family try to cut it off him, but he wouldn't allow it as he decides to sleep in the living room, but he gets stuck as Chris pushes him down, which lead him back to the hospital as he was in a coma, while in a coma, Peter see's and talks to God, where he asks ridiculous questions and finds out that he died, he then asks God for a second chance after learning how awful he was to his family, afterwards, he returns to his family, trying to make it up to them, however, things turn sour as he cannot enjoy anything with his family as this upsets God, he then apologizes to his family as God then lets him live and live goes to normal.

My thoughts, will for one, this was an offensive episode to begin with, i mean, of all episodes, you end it with  this episode, i mean, couldn't you at least try to end on an episode that WASN'T offensive and not to make fun of God???, the other problem is Peter, like always, he was just a big fat idiot and a jerk to not only to his wife, but to his kids and friends, i mean, he tried to make it up to his family, but he questioned his family's choices in a restaurant and freaked out, i mean, come on, they have a right to choose what they want to eat, don't question it, and you know what also pissed me off, when he said sorry to the family, he never said sorry to Brian, the nerve, why would you talk that way to YOUR BEST FRIEND?!, just because he's a dog, that doesn't mean he's not a part of the family, this is getting really ridiculous, after all that you all put him in, you never EVER said sorry to him, man f*ck them, he's been through a lot and this is the thanks he gets?!

ok, calm down now, overall, this was a bad and offensive episode, and yes i gave it a chance, but i do not tolerate 3 things, jokes involving my favorite characters, Brian abuse and jokes on God and Jesus, and definitely not the best choice to end a season, just glad this season is over...

And now, the big one, the overall season review, and after how this season went by, this one is no surprise how it turned out, but first, for those who are new to this, let's show the overall season ratings from past seasons, then the reveal of this seasons overall season ratings, so without further a do, here's the overall season ratings:

S1: 10/10, S2: 10/10, S3: 9/10, S4: 5/10, S5: 6/10, S6: 1/10, S7: 4/10, S8: 2/10, S9: 1/10, S10: 5.5/10, S11: 2/10, S12: 0/10, S13: 2/10, S14: 1/10, S15: 5/10 and S16: 1/10

ok, there was some good episodes this season, but this whole season was just flat out terrible, Brian abuse was still there and it went WAY overboard with it, offensive episodes still part of it, and what also killed it was it's gigantic delays that it had, remember my delay counter i had, well hear this, 3 was counted for those that was necessary, which was for holidays and the world series, and you know how many weeks was in the unnecessary part???, 9, 9 f*cking weeks, that's roughly over a month and a half, due to olympics, which was ridiculous, why have a month and a half delay because of the f*cking olympics?!, if others are doing it, that doesn't mean you should either!, this season was a motherf*cking joke and i hate it, not as much as season 12, but it's close!, i'd be better if I done season 17, i betcha i could've done a better job then those sorry excuse of writers, if they see this, they better learn from this, next season, there better not be NO more long delays, NO more offensive episodes, NO more jokes on God and Jesus and more importantly, NO MORE BRIAN ABUSE!!!!!!, Learn your lesson writers!

and to the Brian haters out there, Brandon Rogers Grandpa GIF

Ok, now i feel better, that's it for the reviews for this season, thank you all so very much for reading throughout the season, it really means a lot to me to see everyone read them and seeing me pretty much get mad at the writers and such throughout the season, i'm banking on the next season to be better.......I HOPE!, so that's it for the review, i'll be back for season 17, thanks for reading, god bless you all and enjoy the summer months.

Journal History


I have a issue, if you recall, i announced that i was making a story for Sonic's upcoming birthday, called Sonic's Birthday Vacation, well here's my problem, i'm stuck, i got the first chapter done, but i'm stuck on the 2nd chapter, cause writers block has struck again, so, idk if i'm gonna get this done, after writing so many stories, it gets harder and harder to think of something, so if i don't finish it, i hope you guys can understand, the struggle is real here....
ok, I don't want to offend the people in China, but China, what in the blue F*CK is wrong with you, do you want to piss me off?!
I have got some news for all of you, in honor of Sonic's upcoming 27th birthday, I will make a multipart story of Sonic's birthday, only this time, it'll be called, Sonic's Birthday Vacation, and if nobody can try to ruin it like someone did when I planned the Sonic Forces Epilogue, it will be done either before, during or after Sonic's birthday, so keep your eyes peeled for that
I'm gonna be honest with you, i did not have the best Father's day, yet again, this year, i guess it's Father's day blue's, but for someone that lost their father 11 years ago, it's not any easier...

but there is a bright side, i have re-written my Death to Sonic.exe stories and made them better, reason why is that, well, if you remember, it was one of my first stories i written, so i made some alterations in them both, so do please give them a look, but be fore warned, they will include violent and gore, so be ready for that
First off, happy fathers day, i really would love to see my dad again, but alas, that won't happen anytime soon....

secondly, idk why people don't follow the rules on my page, which the one rule that gets broken is not to talk crap about me, it's not that hard to do, but apparently, this jerkoff here, :iconcyclotone:, done just that, and guess what, he was blocked, not just for talking crap about me, but spammed be with YouTube links, not only that, i also threatened him to report him to the FBI for cyber bullying and harassment, (those are a crime mind you), and quite honestly, if they think i'm gonna tolerate any bullying or other sh*t on me, they REALLY are deeply mistaken!
I did a survey that DA was asking for, and when i did that, it made me think how grateful i am to all of you who support me, believe it or not, this account is gonna be 6 years old in a few weeks, and i am eternally thankful to all of you that supports me, you all mean so much to me, and that's from the heart!

now i'm gonna see some E3 news, *reads some*, is BACK!!!!!

and i KNEW it, it was gonna retell Hell On Earth, (a.k.a. Doom 2), holy sh*t, i'm excited, i cannot wait for that!

whew!, what's next...........what, a new Wolfenstein game?!

man, it keeps getting better!!!!

now i know there some other games i'm keeping an eye on, like team sonic racing and KH3, but those are the main focus on that, also i'd like to know any news for the new yoshi game for the switch
So I heard that net neutrality is long gone now, all I can say is this.........GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!

Now I don't want to see anyone be big babies and leave this site because of this, cause honestly, it's quite cowardly
i need a favor from you guys

if any of you is a watcher of :iconsimpsonsfanatic33: please tell him i'm sorry if i ever did anything wrong to him, cause i really don't know what i did to have him block me
I need to ask you guys something, and don't make fun of me when i ask this, is it ok to feel senstive to R rated movies?, i mean not to violence, i'm use to that, but i'm more referring know.....stuff not to be shown to human eyes...
Ok, i need to make this clear, so that no one misunderstands, i am not a homophobe, and i do not hate gay people, i have friends here that are gay for crying out loud, but, i do like like the idea of gay marriages, cause i live by god's word, (and i don't use his word for hate), i'm just listening to what he says in the bible, that's all.

so if anyone thinks i'm a homophobe, let this message prove them wrong
Someone "tried" to bully me by telling me to kill myself, if that tactic is going to affect me, they're seriously mistaken
So i heard that Roseanne got cancelled by ABC and had all reruns pulled off form CMT, Paramount Network and TV Land cause of a joke that she made on a governor in the White House.

the only ones i'm gonna blame is not just ABC and those i mentioned, but majority of the blame is gonna be on them stupid ass millennials, hey, it's not Roseanne's fault that them dumb millennials cannot take a f*cking joke!

this is just like with that episode of Family Guy where Brian made a joke and them dumbass millennials called him a racist for it, like seriously, it's a f*cking joke!!!!

this further proves my statement of why i HATE this generation, they make me feel ashamed, all i can say is, oh Jesus please come back soon!
1100 miles have now been completed, here are the winners of the 1100+ miles of racing

Monaco GP: Daniel Riccardo, my hats off to him to hang on against Sebastian Vettel woth his Red Bull car not having enough power and feared a power failure, but managed to win this tough race

Indy 500: Will Power, finally an Indy 500 winner after many times of trying, though Stefan Wilson, the brother of the late Justin Wilson, thrown the race away, i'm happy Will finally got to win.

Coca-Cola 600: Kyle Busch, you wanna know a definition of domination, look no further of "Rowdy" Busch's win at the Coke 600, he pure out ran away from the field and never looked back, congrats to him.
500 down, 600 more to go, a congrats to Will Power on finally winning the Indy 500, and to Stefan Wilson, WHY would you throw the race away?!, rather you had enough fuel or not, you do NOT give up the lead with a few laps left, you gotta go big or go home, that's the Indy 500 way, now let's see who wins the Monaco GP, (reminder, do NOT tell me who wins!), then it's off to the Coke 600!
Alright, let's get this 1100 miles of racing started!!! :D
Best day of racing starts today, 1100+ miles of racing, that's right, i said plus, cause this year, i finally get to see the Monaco GP this year, now i may not see the live race cause i won't be up to see it, but i will see the encore presentation of it after the Indy 500, so please do NOT tell me who won, i wanna find out myself, beanwhile for those that are not familiar with 1100 miles of racing let me clarify, add the 500 miles of the Indy 500, to the 600 miles at the Coke 600 later and you get 1100 miles, and if you add the 78 laps of the Monaco GP, the 200 laps of the Indy 500 and the 400 laps of the Coke 600, that's a total of 678 laps, that's a lot of laps but it'll be all worth it, can't wait for it to start! :D
Just heard the news that Trump had cancelled the summit meeting with Kim Jong-un, which i'm not really surprised, now i know a lot of people are gonna blame Trump for that, but honestly, it's not his fault, remember, North Korea is a hard to trust nation, and who's to say North Korea CAN be trusted?!

it's not Trumps fault that big fat man baby in North Korea has a bit of a temper tantrum over his precious weapons...
to all the Kevin Harvick haters out there..........cry me a freakin' river, cause Happy Harvick get's win #5 this season at Kansas!
with this net neutrality sh*t still somehow going on, it makes me feel more and more ashamed of this generation, VERY MUCH ASHAMED!


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