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Sonic Boom Episode 85 Epilogue
It was a clear and starry night in Bygone Island, and on this night, Amy and Sticks was both heading to Amy's house after a crazy day they had, with them just wanting a relaxing weekend but gets sabotaged by both Dr. Eggman and Belinda, wife of Charlie, but they both manages to save the town, the guys however, wasn't so fortunate, with them heading to a concert of their band, Dude-atude, but had some stops along the way, like sights, attractions, restroom breaks, getting lost, picking up a thief and getting arrested, after all that craziness, everything was back to normal.
The girls was walking to Amy's house, while heading there, they saw the van in which the guys drove as they had returned, "Well, I see the guys are back", Sticks said as Amy nodded, they then saw Tails, sitting alone as they noticed he looked sad as Amy came to him, "Hey Tails, you ok?", Amy asked as Tails shook his head, "No, to be honest, this whole weekend was wasted", Tails replied as he sounded sad, "Why, did th
:iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 2 5
Sonic Boom: Sonic's Birthday
It was a beautiful day in Bygone Island, and on this day, Sonic was walking around the island for a while as he knows today is his birthday, "Man, I cannot believe my birthday is already here, it's like it just came in a hurry", Sonic thought as he sat down on the sand, "And every birthday that comes, I always feel like the luckiest hedgehog in the world, cause i have the greatest friends I could ever ask for", Sonic thought as he sighed happily and then lied down on the sand with his arms behind his head, he then let out a soft yawn and kicked off his shoes and socks off as he decided to take a quick nap, "I think a nice short nap would be nice", Sonic thought as he closed his eyes and then fell asleep and snored loudly.
Meanwhile, at Tails' house, Tails and the others was decorating his home for Sonic's birthday party, "I think Sonic will love this", Tails said as they decorated, "I know he will Tails, I think it was real nice of you to have his party at your home Tails", Amy said as
:iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 5 13
Sonic Boom Episode 27 Epilogue
It was a beautiful and sun setting evening in Bygone Island, and on this day and in the home of the pink hedgehog, Amy was in her living room and is feeling quite down after the day she had, with Dave making her mad, opening her own restaurant, in which was going wrong, then Eggman using her to turn on her friends, but her friends helped but at the cost of her restaurant being destroyed, but after all that, everything was back to normal.
Amy was sitting on her couch, as she has her gloves and socks off but had her slippers on her feet was only wearing her pink robe cause she wanted to be comfy as she still felt quite bad, Amy sighed as the doorbell was heard as she answered the door and was surprised to see Sonic, "Sonic, what're you doing here?", Amy said as she sounded surprised, "I came to check up on you, I was wondering if you was feeling ok", Sonic said as Amy lets him in, "Well, I've been better", Amy said as Sonic looked at her, "Still upset about losing the restaurant?", Sonic
:iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 3 2
Sonic Boom Episode 19 Epilogue
It was a dark and starry night in Bygone Island, and on this starry night, Sonic was in his home and sitting on his hammock and is quite exhausted after the day he had, with his shoes making a ear piercing sound when he runs, having examined, Eggman giving him shoes which powered up a robot, but managed to defeat him, as life was almost back to normal.
Sonic was sitting on his hammock, trying his hardest to take shoes that Eggman had him in off, but has had no luck getting them off, Sonic groaned as he wanted them off, "It's no use, they're not coming off", Sonic said with a sigh, then a knock was heard as Tails come in, "Sonic you ok?", Tails asked as Sonic shook his head, "I can't get these shoes off, it's driving me crazy", Sonic replied as Tails got worried, "Poor Sonic, that hard huh?", Tails asked as Sonic nodded, then Tails got an idea, "I think I know how to get them off", Tails said as Sonic looked at him, "Really, what is it?", Sonic said as Tails got up, "Just watch big brot
:iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 4 6
ummmm.... by SonicAndTailsfan64 ummmm.... :iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 1 12
Sonic Boom Episode 82 Epilogue
It was a nice and quiet evening in Bygone Island, and on this evening in the home of the twin tailed fox, Tails and Sonic was cleaning up the house after the day they and the gang had, with Eggman creating fleabots to make them each, making them think they had fleas, eventually, they managed to turn the tables on Eggman and save the day.
The brothers had finally cleaned up the home as Tails wiped the sweat off his head and sighed of relief, "Finally, all done", Tails said as he put the broom away as did Sonic, "I really appreciate you helping me out Sonic", Tails said as Sonic nodded, "Not a problem little bro, after what we all went through, it's the least I can do to make it up", Sonic said as as placed his hand on Tails' shoulder, "Besides, there's no way I'd let you clean all that be yourself", Sonic continued as Tails smiled, "You're the best, you know that Sonic?", Tails asked as Sonic smiled, "I know, I get that a lot", Sonic said as he and Tails laughed then hugged each other,
:iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 5 1
Sonic Practice 2 Free  To Color Version by SonicAndTailsfan64 Sonic Practice 2 Free To Color Version :iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 45 25 Ariel Atom Mugen by SonicAndTailsfan64 Ariel Atom Mugen :iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 2 0 Ariel Atom 300 by SonicAndTailsfan64 Ariel Atom 300 :iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 2 2 Ariel Atom 500 by SonicAndTailsfan64 Ariel Atom 500 :iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 0 0 Formula A by SonicAndTailsfan64 Formula A :iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 0 0 Green Focus by SonicAndTailsfan64 Green Focus :iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 1 0 Driving at Old Silverston by SonicAndTailsfan64 Driving at Old Silverston :iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 0 0 Black Edition SLS by SonicAndTailsfan64 Black Edition SLS :iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 1 0 R8 Racer in Chrome, Black and Green by SonicAndTailsfan64 R8 Racer in Chrome, Black and Green :iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 0 0 BMW M3 Racing by SonicAndTailsfan64 BMW M3 Racing :iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 0 0
All my art is in their own folder, so it can be well organized, or else you'd get tired of looking, like tails and sonic here :)

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Mario and Yoshi - Super Mario Sunshine by garfieldatejon2015 Mario and Yoshi - Super Mario Sunshine :icongarfieldatejon2015:garfieldatejon2015 1 0 Sonic 26th by KeyraTerra Sonic 26th :iconkeyraterra:KeyraTerra 11 1 Sonic Boom epilogue 2 comic part 3 by Korey-SonicFan22 Sonic Boom epilogue 2 comic part 3 :iconkorey-sonicfan22:Korey-SonicFan22 1 9 Joe Cool wearing his sunglasses  by maizie0201 Joe Cool wearing his sunglasses :iconmaizie0201:maizie0201 2 0 Sonic drawings by superzachbros123 Sonic drawings :iconsuperzachbros123:superzachbros123 6 0 vacation #1 by Holmssie vacation #1 :iconholmssie:Holmssie 34 31 Sonic and Tails: Shattered Friendship Pg 61 by TheDragonSuperFan Sonic and Tails: Shattered Friendship Pg 61 :iconthedragonsuperfan:TheDragonSuperFan 12 10 .:Day 1:. by MindiShadikku .:Day 1:. :iconmindishadikku:MindiShadikku 33 6 Sonic X -- Cream and Sonic by Mai-Pie Sonic X -- Cream and Sonic :iconmai-pie:Mai-Pie 153 5 Zootopia: The Secret of Finnick, pt.9 by SuperSmurgger Zootopia: The Secret of Finnick, pt.9 :iconsupersmurgger:SuperSmurgger 46 19 Knuckles Sleeping by Xin0555 Knuckles Sleeping :iconxin0555:Xin0555 3 0 Ask the Characters (Question 111) by CAcartoon Ask the Characters (Question 111) :iconcacartoon:CAcartoon 46 24 Sonic conscience by CyotheLion Sonic conscience :iconcyothelion:CyotheLion 8 4 Sonic Boom: Tails by carloscraft27 Sonic Boom: Tails :iconcarloscraft27:carloscraft27 9 2 Plushie collection 3 by 123emilymason Plushie collection 3 :icon123emilymason:123emilymason 11 2 .::Sonakku: Bad Case of Lovin' You::. by Sonar15 .::Sonakku: Bad Case of Lovin' You::. :iconsonar15:Sonar15 41 16
All my fav's are all in their own folders so it can be well organized





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Steven Daugherty
United States
ID was made by :iconearthrise-films:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic MY BABY!!!!

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Anti Severe Storms Stamp by FireMaster92 Cool Weather Stamp by FireMaster92

Tails Running Wave Icon by WarHexpod

Why hello there, I am a racing fan, i also like Snoopy, Brian Griffin, Yoshi, Tails, Sonic, and Game Shows, and i am a HUGE Mortal Kombat nerd

I live in Tennessee, My Birthday is in March 22, 1992, I have Autism, and i'm pretty much a big time picky eater.

I am a huge Sonic and Tails fan, as well as Snoopy, Brian Griffin, Yoshi, Gromit, Krypto, Scooby Doo, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Total Drama Island, Jeff Gordon, etc. fan, and a hater of Stewie, Jimmie Johnson, Glenn Quagmire, Sonic.exe, Creepypasta's, trolls, spammers, and jerks.

I graduated High School in 2010, and did not attend college, but hey, it's the people's choice to go to college or not.

I respect everyone on here if they treat me fair and not act like a jerk, but everyone's welcome here, just remember to be fair and not be a jerk.

And please don't tag me in anything unless it's a request, commission, collab and/or thank you post, not for anything else.

Fair Warning: Anyone who comes here and talks crap to me or threatens me, you will be blocked, no mercy will be shown and no quarter given!

. ..--██---. put this on your
. ██████. deviantART page if
. ..--██---. you're not ashamed
. ..--██---. to declare to others
. ..--██---. the love and joys
. ..--██---. of being a Christian

B/W Ani : Point Commissions I DON'T DO - Button by Drache-Lehre B/W Ani : Commissions IDON'TDO - Button by Drache-Lehre B/W Ani : Art Trades (AT) I DON'T DO - Button by Drache-Lehre B/W Ani : Requests ASK ME - Button by Drache-Lehre B/W Ani : Collabs ASK ME - Button by Drache-Lehre

I dislike Sonic.exe by NatouMJSonic

My birthday badge

i dont ask for much, the only thing i like is to

I love the brotherhood of Sonic and Tails, it is s

f**k you creepypastas, f**k you sonic.exe you fake

Believe In Yourself, Tails would want you to

Gotta Go Fast, Sonic would want you to

Stay strong, Knuckles would want you to.

Never give up on anything, Jeff Gordon, Me and God

I love Tails stamp by DryBones157 Olympic Tails stamp by Fastmon Sonic Stamp by CriWolfy Tails Approves Stamp by Fastmon Miles -Tails- Prower (Chronicles) Stamp by Natakiro Knuckles the Echidna (Chronicles) Stamp by Natakiro Sonic the Hedgehog (Chronicles) Stamp by Natakiro Sonic approved Stamp by ghostanjo Tails flying the tornade stamp by candle-earth Tails stamp by candle-earth :thumb471863916: Knuckles Stamp by Abbu1STAMPS Knuckles Stamp by NoNamepje Snoopy Stamp by the-gaywolf Yoshi Stamp by NoNamepje Yoshi Stamp by lila79 I Love Green Yoshi by Powerwing-Amber Brian Griffin by JtDaniel Jasper by JtDaniel Jeff Gordon Stamp 'Pepsi' by nascarstones Pluto Stamp by DarkLeesh Mickey Mouse stamp by SparrowWings Scooby Stamp by CelticEclipse I love Gromit stamp by Cozie Gran Turismo Stamp by Spade6179 Krypto fan stamp by Lora-Pedigree Pound It (Animated) by Super-Hedgehog Squeaky Clean Tails Fanartist by Powerwing-Amber Squeaky Clean Sonic Fanartist by Powerwing-Amber Squeaky Clean Knux Fanartist by Powerwing-Amber Sonic Crossover Stamp by SonicSpeedz Anti Sonic Archie Stamp by Kimiku Single Sonic by Candy-Swirl Single Tails by Candy-Swirl Don't give up. by HarmonicSonic :thumb512834269:
Spay and Neuter by TehAlbi Fictional characters is No Excuse! by TechouNoPenki Anti-North Korea Stamp by EricVonSchweetz Anti-Internet Troll Stamp by anorexic-animations Fries by UsagiGami I'm Lovin' Some Of It? by Mintaka-TK Bojangles' Chicken Stamp by dA--bogeyman fries stamp by kawaiicunt-stamps Stamp: Fries by Shaudnly I Love Chocolate by Sophibelle Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Stamp by Coolzafara96 Jeff Gordon Stamp by prettystarz4ever Alan Kulwicki NASCAR Stamp by dA--bogeyman Davey Allison Stamp by nascarstones Dale Earnhardt Stamp by nascarstones

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Wait with Yoshi by Mloun Yoshi is now with you by Mloun Epic Knux Fist Run by WarHexpod Sonic PEACE Transparent BG by WarHexpod

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My DA Bros.:
:iconwyatklops:-Fellow Brian Griffin fan and Exile fan and real nice guy :) <3
:iconlonelywerewolf123:-Exile, Sonic and Brian fan and sweet guy :)
:iconburridgefox:-Awesome dude and fellow Tails Fan :)
:iconmdtartist83:-One Awesome guy :)
:iconaperturestyles:-Fellow Tails fan and really great guy :) <3
:icondexter01992:-Fellow Tails fan and great guy :)
:iconlimatrixil: - Awesome Tails fan and a nice guy ;)
:iconlouie123456789: - Sweet guy and great Tails artist :)
:iconsomeguy2132: - Awesome artist and great guy :)
:iconspike-angus77: - Nice guy, awesome dude and fellow Rovers fan :)
:iconsonjamsn40: - a good friend, and an awesome one I might add :)
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:My DA Sis.:
:icontailsthefoxlover715:-Sweet friend and great Tails artist :)
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:iconsilverxyoshi:-Fellow Yoshi fan and sweet friend :)
:iconsonar15:-Great Sonic artist and great friend :)
:iconrosepetal179:-Sweet person and NASCAR Fan :)
:iconwarriorcatshe:-Awesome Friend and great artist :)
:iconyoshiyoshi700:-Great atrist, fellow Yoshi fan and real great friend :)
:iconcleverfox101:-Awesome friend and great person :)
:iconcat-lin:-Real sweet person and nice to talk to :)
:iconxxendlessdaydreamsxx:-Sweet person and great artist :)
:iconcassychu:-A real sweet person and a friendly person too :)
:iconsikyusonic:-A real sweet friend :)
:iconruby477:-A really friendly and sweet person, and a great artist :)
:iconsamie-seville:- A great friend and fun to RP with, (mostly as Pluto ;)) :)
:iconshadowbff: - Pretty much a nice and awesome friend :)
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:iconwafflesailor: - Awesome friend and she and I have in common, we both hate sonic.exe :D
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Things I'm a fan of:



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E3 Hype

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 13, 2017, 12:59 PM
Well, E3 is still going on strong, giving us more and more hype on the way, from the new sonic games to the new mario games, our most highly anticipated games are around the corner, so i'm gonna cover just a few trailers for the heck of it and show you my reactions to it, let's start with Super Mario Odyssey:

Alright, the game actually looks pretty good, in fact, it's real creative, at least we know why the hat comes to life, and has an amazing power which is to have mario taking control of people and objects, like a goomba, a koopa, a statue, a t-rex, even a person, that's real creative, and the way how it looks, pauline may return by the way who it ended, and i  have a new name for powser, lol...........pimp daddy bowser :D (Big Grin) 

Next up, Sonic Forces:

All i can say is, "What the....zexel1992 mortal kombat shao kahn phelous mortal komedy GIF"

and btw, where's Tails and the others???

Next Up, Kingdom Hearts 3:

For those that don't know, i happen to be a huge Kingdom Hearts fan, in fact, me and my sister both are, it's one of our favorite games, and seeing this, it looks really amazing, and the way how it looks like, Ansem and Xehanort are back to cause more trouble, and may i just say how amazing the graphics look in this game, the hype is strong on this, maybe they'll add Marvel and Star wars on here, since they are both Disney related now.

Up next, Wolfenstein 2 The New Colussus:

So from what i can take in this game, Nazi Germany won WW2, and have taken control of the USA, strange concept but i'll take it, and it looks as though that Wolfenstein has gotten better pretty well, it sure has come a long way since Wolfenstein 3D and it's still going strong, respect!

Up next, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle:

Now i know what you guys are thinking, but you know, i kinda like the idea, i mean, name me one mario game that was battle related , (mario kart and mario party not included), exactly, none, and hey, as long as yoshi's on there, i cannot complain, and speaking of yoshi....

Next Up, Yoshi for the switch:

I think Nintendo is trying to kill me with adorableness, you guys know how much i love yoshi, and to see him having himself having another game, i cannot complain, i mean, let's face it, yoshi is the most adorable and most loved Nintendo character in the whole world, at least Nintendo is giving him the love that he deserves :)

This next one here is not a game, but a movie, a CG movie, and it's one i've been waiting on for quite sometime, this is, Resident Evil Vendetta:

You guys may not know this, but i am a fan of the Resident Evil series, however, i hated the live action films, as they ruined the series, having the main characters become side characters and are cheerleading squad for Alice, (f*ck Alice), luckily, the CG films don't have Alice and the main characters on here ARE the main characters, and this one will have Chris Redfield on here instead of Leon as main character, i mean, don't get me wrong, i like Leon, but let's have someone else take the wheel, all i can say is, this is gonna be awesome.

Ok, it's time to get into my kind of category, the racing games, and there are some that is a must, but some that is not, this is one game that is a not, NFS Payback:

Does it look familiar to you, like NFS Undercover, with a little bit of NFS The Run?, cause that's what i got out of it, and quite honestly, i'm kinda bummed that they took this route, TBH, i'd rather have another NFS Shift, cause that's what i want, to race a car on a race track, when there was no traffic, no cops and was just flat out racing, but i doubt that'll ever happen in the near future.

Next up, Project Cars 2:

Now that's more like it, and what's that i saw in the trailer, Indycar's current aerokit's, and Indy???, that's so much better, why have Indycars on there if you cannot have the track that they was born?, and also, vintage racing cars and Le Mans cars, that's something amazing, and....Rallycross, oh yes!, i love watching rallycross, and even will include Daytona, that's amazing, goes to show that the folks of Project Cars keeps working hard and is getting better as a whole, that's awesome :)

Alright now, let's get to the nitty gritty, i saved the best for last here, this is, Gran Turismo Sport:

Holy hot damn, this is where i was so hyped for, this is what true loyalty to Gran Turismo pays off, the graphics and cars looks so amazing, it'll put Forza to shame, so many new features, cars and such blew my mind, when i saw this, my jaw dropped and left my mouth open as i watched, i was amazed how far they had progressed and kept going, all i can say is, so cannot wait til autumn.

Well that's all i got for you guys, thanks so much reading, hope you all have a safe and blessed day and god bless.

Oh and keep an eye for this warrior coming to an Injustice 2 near you and say no to Bubsy: 

Journal History

Activity's gone, oh well, fun while it lasted
This is my last day with core, oh well, it was fun while it lasted
Today would've been my dad's birthday, even though it's been 10 years, it's still a lot different without him

and here's something that i forgot to tell you guys, i'm an uncle
Ever wonder when the Power Rangers all began, what if i told you that it started WAY back being Mighty Morphin Power Rangers even started, or before they was even called Power Rangers, well, take a look at this
Welp, North Korea's just signed their death wish, America's out for vengeance now
lately, every fathers day, something bad happens to me, it might happen to me again this year, we're in slight risk for severe weather, which means i might see some bad storms tomorrow, never fails....
And to think, the whole madness of grandma going to the hospital in lexington would just refuses to end, i just want grandma to get better, but things keep coming up left and right and my mother is getting too stressed about as she's the only one taking her there, not any of her brothers, at all!
Oh my gosh,Oh My Gosh!!!

I'm so in the hype train now!

I got a question?

Do you think i'm a bad person?
Guys, block :iconwhorey-mary:

She's pretty much a jerk who loves communism and Nazi's, and talks crap about christians
this week has been the story of my life....

damn that 48 car
Man, I bet the government should've had let the immigration ban up, cause UK had ANOTHER attack by ISIS, goes to show you that the government is 100% STUPID!!!!!
Well now, looks like the U.N. just put NK #1 on their blacklist

That's bad news for them
North Korea just made their fatal mistake.

Now Japan is pissed and is on board with U.S. and South Korea
That was an amazing Indy 500, congrats to Takuma Sato, the first Asian driver to win at Indy, (as far as i know), so 500 down, 600 to go, next stop, Coca-Cola 600
got some storms on the way, most likely severe, need some prayers

and I am in enhanced risk of severe weather


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